About SyndiCrowd.com


SyndiCrowd is an online peer-to-peer crowdfinancing platform that offers accredited investors the chance to invest in a high-yield, exclusive, asset-backed pool of real estate, consumer and auto loans.

SyndiCrowd is on a mission to make investing in loans easier. Simultaneously, we are facilitating private investment in small to mid-sized real estate, consumer credit companies and auto-finance businesses that are poorly served by institutional investors. We ensure everyone wins, through a careful selection process, to ensure the right investors find the ideal investments to diversify and strengthen their portfolios.


Our teams experience in technology, business and finance, alongside legislation included in the passing of the JOBS Act (Title II; SEC Reg D 506(c)) is enabling us to build this much-needed solution for investors and lenders.


At SyndiCrowd, our main priority is your financial security. That’s why we carefully preselect peer to peer loan opportunities, based on various factors, like business reputation and financial health.

How SyndiCrowd Works

Key Product Features for Investors

Collateralized Loans

Double Protected Loan

High Return Rate

No Investor Fees

An Opportunity to Diversify
Your Investment Portfolio

Low Investment
Minimum of $5000

Proper Due Diligence and
Borrowers Underwriting

Floating Charge (a chance to
swap a bad loan for a good one)

Actual Investment Opportunity

Maxim Capital Auto Loans Portfolio - NJ, NY, PA

Auto Loans

Maxim Capital's assets serve as collateral in case of loans' default. The pool represents one of all outstanding loans that Maxim handles.
Loan amount $200,000
Term of the loan 24 months
Interest rate 8%
Underlying security 17 car loans
Payments Monthly payments include interest and return of principal

$200,000 (100%) of $200,000