About SyndiCrowd


SyndiCrowd is on a mission to make investing in loans easier. We are a technology and finance company that is making it easier for investors to gain access to high-yield markets previously only open to those with personal connections.


Simultaneously, we are facilitating private investment in small to mid-sized real estate, consumer credit companies and auto-finance businesses that are poorly served by institutional investors. We ensure that everyone wins, through a careful selection process,  help the right investors find the ideal investments to diversify and strengthen their portfolios.


We provide an intermediary portal for accredited investors who want to access previously closed door, but high yield markets. In turn, these investments generate monthly returns, with payments linked back to the performance of the loans and assets. SyndiCrowd is diligent in assessing loan applicants - auto and real estate finance companies, consumer credit companies and developers - based on financial liquidity, operational strategy, legal and regulatory compliance, and the owner’s reputation.


Our teams experience in technology, business and finance, alongside legislation included in the passing of the JOBS Act is enabling us to build this much-needed solution for investors and lenders.


Contact Us

  • 1299 Corporate dr., Westbury, NY 11590 suite 1324
  •  Tel. +1 888-705-0114
  •  info@syndicrowd.com