How it works

For Borrowers

SyndiCrowd Funding LLC manages financing process in order to ensure that borrowers and investors receive maximum benefit from credit transactions we arrange for auto loans, real estate and consumer credit companies. Every loan is backed by an asset, with SyndiCrowd Funding LLC taking first position lien against the property or the asset that secures the loan.


We are equally careful when it comes to assessing borrowers’ financial conditions, business strategy, legal, licensing compliance, and owners’ reputation. SyndiCrowd Funding LLC works directly with borrowers in the following markets:

• Independent Auto Loan Finance Companies.

• Real Estate Finance Firms, including mortgage finance firms, trust deed investment firms and some high-net worth private lenders.

• Consumer Credit Companies.


Borrowers can access financing from SyndiCrowd Funding LLC through pledging a diversified pool of loans, rather than whole loans, to investors through our platform, once selection criteria have been met. This diversified approach ensures that the risks of partial or full default are mitigated to the best extent possible in order to ensure that long-term relationships can be established with investors for our borrowers.


All loans are issued directly by the lender, with SyndiCrowd Funding LLC working as an intermediary, to bring the best terms possible, while also servicing the loans once they have been issued. We only work with small and medium-sized, independent, family-owned firms whose lending activities are generally in the metropolitan area where they're based.


Interest charged on each loan includes servicing costs, and is contingent on the value of the asset (property or the auto-inventory) and financial health/risk factor involved in lending money to the respective individual borrower. These factors all influence the rate we need to charge as the loan pool manager acts as an intermediary for the investors on our platform. We always aim to be competitive and provide the best possible service for borrowers, with rates between 8% and 25%, depending on the credit quality of the borrower and value of the collateral.


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