Maxim Capital Auto Loans Portfolio - NJ, NY, PA

Auto Loans

Investment strategy

Syndicrowd, in conjunction with Maxim Capital Enterprises, has assembled and made available a portfolio of auto loans to its investor community. The portfolio has 66.7 % loan-to-value ratio, target return of 8%, 24 monthly payments and is secured by 17 loans of vehicles. Duration of each individual loan is 5 years within 2-3 months from each other. Loan payments have already been made for 1 year. Loans are collateralized by pledges of loans that in turn are secured by the underlying asset. Portfolio collateral value is $300,000.

Syndicrowd used independent, third party value appraisers National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and Kelley Blue Book (KBB). Conservative estimates of trade-in values were taken. Syndicrowd reviewed terms of each individual loan that is included in the portfolio and resale history of each vehicle. Loans are helpful to borrowers as they provide both an expedited access to capital and a short term borrowing solution. In exchange for the flexibility and other benefits bridge loans provide, lenders receive an attractive interest rate and collateral package as security.

Investment benefits

Strong collateral

The portfolio maintains a loan-to-value ratio 66.7%.

Low market correlation

Loans have low monthly payments. Borrowers need vehicles for daily use.

Proven borrower

Maxim Capital has been in business since 2002. Annual revenue is $1.5-$2mln.

Attractive returns

Target returns of 8% with 24 months duration. Investors are scheduled to receive monthly payments that include interest and repayment of principal.

Diversified loan pool

Investors are accessing a diversified loan pool secured by a transparent collateral package.

Additional collateral

The structure was designed to effectively protect the investment from adverse external factors. Maxim Capital's business owner provided personal guarantee. Owner's personal assets will serve as additional collateral to protect the portfolio from losses.

Each loan is secured

Each loan in the portfolio is secured by a first position lien on an underlying asset.

Loan amount $200,000
Interest rate 8%
Payments Monthly payments include interest and return of principal
Underlying security 17 car loans
LTV 66.7%
Minimum investment $5,000
Term of the loan 24 months
Portfolio value $300,000
Fee No fees paid by investors

$200,000 (100%) of $200,000

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